Which Is the Best Go Go Bar in Bangkok Pattaya Thailand and Why

Single men visiting Bangkok & Pattaya are looking for all adult related forms of entertainment including massage parlors, bars, soapy massage, escorts, erotic massage, Agogo bars, freelance prostitutes and bar girls.

The best option is the go-go bars, because you get to see very clearly “what you are getting before you buy”.

In a gogo bar you can see clearly every detail or almost every detail of the dancer’s body, and you can also take her for a quick “test drive”, by buying her a lady drink, having her sit on your lap and you can explore her body at this time, before you commit.

Read the article below carefully and discover why the Go Go bars in Pattaya and Bangkok are the best way to turn your sexual fantasies into reality.

This article includes useful, practical, helpful tips and insights that will enhance your visit to Pattaya & Bangkok, Thailand, and provide you with everything you need to know about Go Go bars.

In this blog, Go Go bars, GoGo bars, Agogo bar and Go-Go bars all mean the exact same thing.

I have just finished a trip to Pattaya & Bangkok, where I personally visited almost every Go Go bar in Bangkok & Pattaya, so the information provided in this article is fresh and accurate.

Every person visiting Bangkok & Pattaya or planning a trip to Thailand, has a burning question:

Which Go-Go Bars in Bangkok & Pattaya are the BEST, and why?

Go Go Bars provide a mind-blowing erotic visual spectacle which is unique to Thailand.

A typical go-go bar is a small place, the size of a regular bar.

Usually, the gogo bar will have 1-3 stages, where the go-go dancers will perform, surrounded by stools all over the bar for visitors to sit in various locations and enjoy the show.

GoGo bars in Bangkok are in 1 of 3 main red light districts:

Patpong, Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza.

Before the pandemic, Patpong had a great Go Go Bar called “King Castle 1”.  With many beautiful gogo dancers and great music. Unfortunately, Patpong did not survive the pandemic. Now the entire area is deserted, dark and quiet with almost no activity. I arrived at the bar and was shocked to see only 5 girls dancing and a handful of customers.

I therefore suggest you do not waste your time, there is no need to go to Patpong.

Soi Cowboy survived the pandemic, but not doing so well.

You will find multiple go-go bars in Soi Cowboy, but most of them have only a few girls dancing, and sadly, they are not very attractive, and with few to no customers inside, the ambiance is not very inviting.

In soi Cowboy you will find one excellent gogo bar, called Baccara, which not only survived but is thriving.

In Baccara A gogo you will find one huge stage in the center of the bar, and a unique feature: a second floor with a stage immediately above the stage on the main floor, with a transparent floor.

The dancers on the second floor dance with no underwear and a short skirt.

So, when you sit downstairs and look at the dancers, you can tilt your head up slightly, and see the dancers on the second floor, with a rare, one of a kind “up skirt” view, where you are looking at the dancer’s pussy from below.  A unique vantage point and super rare.

Baccara gogo bar in Soi cowboy has many girls dancing, as well as great electric dance music, and is worth a visit.

Nana Plaza in Bangkok is rocking. Packed with visitors every night, albeit some of the bars are struggling.

The gogo bars in Nana Plaza that have good looking girls, many girls dancing, and excellent electric dance music are doing very well, and are packed every day.

I will soon tell you which is the best gogo bar in Bangkok and why, but first, what exactly is a Go Go Bar?

Unique to Thailand, go-go bars offer an experience like no other, and in my opinion, the Go Go Bars alone make a trip to Thailand well worth while!

First, the visual show.

Usually a good bar will have 30-60 girls dancing. You will be looking at 20-30 drop dead gorgeous girls, dancing immediately in front of you, dressed up in super sexy little bikinis that leave little to the imagination. The gogo dancers are rotated around the stage, so you will get to see all of them, from all angles, mainly, front and back.

After about 10 minutes of dancing, the girls get off the stage, and a new group of 20-30 dancers will get on the stage and dance for you.

The music is VERY important. Most Go Go bars have expensive, high-end sound systems with top DJs, and if the music is good, you will notice your body starting to move on its own, automatically.

The combination of watching stunningly beautiful young ladies dancing right in front of you, wearing a minimal amount of cloths, and music that is truly electrifying, is pretty much a bargain for the cost of a beer at about USD 7.

All this is a kind of “appetizer”.

Now, you can move to step 2 of your Go-Go bar experience:

Get to know a dancer more intimately.

It’s done by buying the go go dancer a drink, called a “lady drink”.

Please note that these beautiful go-go dancers are not prostitutes, they are mainly dancers, and earn a living by men buying them a “lady drink”.

Each lady drink costs 200 THB, which is about USD 7, and the dancer gets a commission of 100 THB every time you buy her a drink, so the dancer’s objective is to get you to buy her as many drinks as possible, and I will tell you in a moment how they get you to buy them drinks, one after the other, in fast succession.

Each gogo dancer has a number. When you spot a cute, sweet looking dancer, you tell the waitress you want to buy her a drink.  The waitress will immediately go and inform the dancer you are buying her a drink…she then stops dancing and comes to sit next to you.

Most Thai girls speak very little English, so there is not much of a conversation going on. Almost every girl will ask you the same 3 questions:

What is your name?

Where are you from?

How long will you stay?

At that point, the conversation is over.

If you are interested in a longer more sincere conversation, you can easily open Google translator, ask her a question which she will see immediately in Thai, and then she will reply in Thai, and you will see the reply in English right away. This method of communication works well, but only if you really want to get to know the girl or have a more meaningful conversation. If all you really want is to touch her and see her up close, it is perfectly ok to limit the conversation to the 3 questions above, which lasts about 10 seconds.

Usually, the moment you buy a girl a drink, she will turn around, and start rubbing her ass on your groin area. (providing you are sitting on a high stool). This will stimulate you and drive you nuts. They know it of course, and that is how they pull you into their trap.

So, one “lady drink” at about USD 7 seems pretty innocent, but this will only get her attention for 2-3 minutes, that’s it. After a few minutes, she will ask for another drink. If you are enjoying the experience, you must keep on buying her drinks every few minutes. The moment you stop buying her drinks, she will say she is going to the toilette, and then she walks away and does not come back!

If you are sitting on a regular bar stool, if she is rubbing her butt against your groin to the rhythm of the music, this puts her pussy in a perfect position for you to “grab her by the pussy”, as Trump says.

Some girls won’t let you do it, some will let you do it, and some will not only let you, but will in fact encourage you to play with their pussy, check it out, as well as massage their breasts and suck on the nipples. Sounds incredible? It sure is. Its true. Its real. Its available. All parties are big winners, no losers here. Everyone is happy and the bar and the girl are both making money.

So, this begs the question:

Where in the world can you grab 100 women by the pussy in one night?

In a Go Go Bar in Pattaya or Bangkok, Thailand. If you are willing to spend USD 700 in one night, you buy each girl one drink, and you can then grab her by the pussy for about 3 minutes. When she asks for another drink, you say no, and then she will leave right away. You then buy a drink for the next girl on so on.

This activity is mainly for the spirit; how often can you grab a lady by the pussy in your daily life? Maybe in your whole life you can grab only several women by the pussy.  A Go Go bar in Thailand offers the unique, one of kind, super rare chance to grab as many women by the pussy as you want, a harmless activity which is just oh such a thrill.

If the girl turns you on, has a sweet face and a lovely personality, which is usually the case, you can now continue with your “Go Go Bar” experience, and move on to stage 3, which is the final step.

You can ask the girl if she wants to “boom boom” with you.

Important notice: Go Go bars in Thailand do NOT employ underage girls. All the girls are at least 21 years old, but usually older, I would say 25-35 years old. These girls are NOT prostitutes and are under NO obligation to go back to the hotel with you, it is entirely their own free choice, some do it, some don’t, and some do it but may not want to do it with you.

If the girl agrees to “boom boom” with you, you need to pay a “bar fine”. While the girl is gone with you, the bar loses revenue as she is not dancing and not drinking “lady drinks”, hence, you must pay a fine, which is currently 1000 THB for a “short time”.

Surprisingly, in Thailand, there is no clear definition of what a “short time” is.

Usually it is 1-2 hours, but could easily be 3 hours as well, and “long time” is overnight.

The cost of the girl going to the hotel for a “boom boom” with you is usually 3000 THB for a “short time”.

Another important thing I should mention, something you will find only in a Thailand Go-Go bar, and that is…affection.

If you are a single guy that is not getting enough affection in your daily life, and you are in need of human contact, and basically just need a good, meaningful hug, then a Go Go bar is the ideal and best place on earth to get unlimited hugs.

This is how it’s done:

You ask the hotel staff working in the front desk to write in Thai on a piece of paper:

“Hug me tight for 1 minute, I will pay you 100 THB”.

Then take a photo of this note on your phone.

While you are in the bar, as the girls are walking by, you can stop the one you like, and just show her the image on your phone: Usually they will agree and give you a hug which will just make you the happiest man on earth. How many women can you hug in your daily life? Well, in a Go Go Bar in Bangkok or Pattaya, Thailand you can hug 100 girls in one night if you want it and need it.  It costs a fortune if you need a lot of hugs, but in one evening you can hug more women than you can normally hug in a lifetime.

Believe it or not, this is what I did, and I think I may be the only person in the world to ever do this:

I had the hotel print the “hug me tight for 1 minute, I will pay you THB 100” on a page that became a sign.

I then taped the sign to the table I was sitting at, so the girls, as well as the staff, could see the sign clearly as they were passing by.

They liked the idea so much, they actually….stood in line to hug me!

I hugged everyone, young and old, male and female, not only the pretty gogo girls; the entire staff, waitresses, waiters, security personnel, the cleaning lady, I hugged and got hugged by everyone in the bar, and I never felt happier in my whole life!  This was the ultimate experience!

Some guys fantasize about breasts. Tits are warm, soft and delicious, and sucking on a nipple is sweet.

How often do you get a chance to suck on the tits of girls you have never met before? Not so often I am sure.

But in a go-go bar in Pattaya’s walking street or in Bangkok’s Nana Plaza, they will let you suck their nipples for THB 100.

If you want to turn your fantasy into reality, hold 100 different tits in your hand and suck 100 nipples, all in one night, you can do it in a Go-Go bar in Bangkok, although it is easier to do in Pattaya, as the go go girls in Pattaya are already topless and ready for you while they are dancing.

So, back to the question:

Which is the best Go Go Bar in Bangkok & Pattaya and Why?

In my opinion, the best 2 bars in Bangkok are in Nana Plaza.

One is called “Mandarin A gogo” and is located at the top of the escalator, as you go up to the second floor, and the other is “Rainbow 5 Go Go bar” on the second floor.

Mandarin A Go Go Bar has the best sound system and the best music in Nana Plaza. It will enhance the experience. The girls are not the most beautiful ones, but they offer the best entertainment; they will engage with you freely, allow touching, encourage touching, you will have a lot of fun there, but prepare a lot of cash before you go, at least THB 10,000.

Rainbow 5 A go-go bar has the second-best music, and the girls are a lot more attractive. Some truly stunning, but as they are more beautiful and classier, they are less open to direct, instant touching. You will have fun and enjoy yourself at Rainbow 5.

It is important to note that Pattaya, just a 2-hour drive by taxi from Bangkok, has some really amazing Go Go Bars in the Pattaya walking street. Most of the Go-Go Bars in Pattaya have electrifying, mind boggling dance music, and the dancers in Pattaya take the top off, so you can enjoy looking at 30 topless girls at the same time, whereas in Bangkok most girls do not take the top off.

In Pattaya, the Best Go Go Bar is called “Pin Up”.

Just for this bar alone it is worth while going to Pattaya, and this Go-Go bar is the absolute BEST in Thailand.

You will see a huge collection of gorgeous, stunning, beautiful, traffic stopping dancers, with electric dance music that will blow your mind.  A visit to Pin Up is a must. (Bring a lot of cash).

Pin-Up A gogo in Pattaya’s walking street is so busy; they expect you to spend a lot of money, fast, and if you don’t, they will ask you to leave.

Important tip:

If you go to a Go Go bar to sit alone and save money, you will not enjoy yourself.

If you want to have fun, you must engage with the bar girls as well as the staff. Buy them drinks, hug them, touch them, at the end it will cost a lot, but the fun and happiness are worth every cent.

In Nana Plaza Bangkok, you will also find several Ladyboy go-go bars, as well as a transsexual go go bar.

The transsexual go-go bar is very small, has an incredible sound system, and beautiful girls with nice pussies…it is hard to believe these girls were previously boys. A must see it to believe it.

Life is short. Treat yourself to an out of this world trip to Thailand, where you will discover happiness and Paradise. Thai people are polite, happy, friendly, you will have a great time!

2 very practical suggestions that will enhance your visit and help a lot:

Choose a hotel that is as close as possible to Nana Plaza. I recommend the Nana Hotel.

Located directly and immediately across the street from Nana Plaza, you will enjoy the convenience of moving back and forth between the Go Go Bars and your hotel room without wasting any time in transit.

If you must transit back and forth, I highly recommend using the motorbike taxi. Traffic jams in Bangkok are terrible, and if you use a motorbike taxi, you will get to your destination about 10 times faster, as they rarely stop, they zig zag between the cars and always get to the front of the line.

I can’t figure out why a city like Bangkok, will call itself “Bang Cock”… so appropriate.

There are many good go go bars in Bangkok & Pattaya, but only a handful of excellent ones with sexy Thai gogo girls worth a visit. Check out our guide to the best gogo bars.

When you come to experience Thailand’s nightlife in Bangkok & Pattaya, you will discover happy, friendly, sexy Thai girls that will make you feel wonderful in every possible way.

Here are the best go go bars in Bangkok, Thailand, prepare yourself for an exotic fun experience:

Bada Bing Go-Go Bar, Patpong
Billboard Bangkok Go-Go Bar Nana Plaza
Spanky’s Agogo Nana Plaza Bangkok
Baccara A gogo in Soi Cowboy & Nana Plaza, Sukhumvit, Bangkok
Shark Go-Go bar in Nana Plaza & Soi Cowboy, Sukhumvit red light district, Bangkok, Thailand
Rainbow 5, Rainbow 4, Top GOGO bars in Nana Plaza, Bangkok
Angelwitch popular A gogo bar in Nany Plaza
King’s Castle 1 In Patpong red light district, Bangkok
Crazy House GoGo Bar (Soi Cowboy)
Suzie Wong GoGo Bar (Soi Cowboy)
Glamour GoGo Bar (Patpong)
Mandarin Go-Go Bar Nana Plaza as you go up the escalator to the second floor, Great music
Cowboy 2 go go bar – Soi Cowboy, Sukhumvit, Bangkok
Tilac gogo bar – Soi Cowboy
Erotica Go Go Bar in Nana Plaza, Sukhumvit, Bangkok
Random A GoGo Bar in Nana Plaza, Sukhumvit, Bangkok
Geisha Go-Go Bar in Nana Plaza, Sukhumvit, Bangkok

Here are the best gogo bars in Pattaya walking street, Thailand, prepare yourself for an erotic adventure:

Windmill Club Agogo Bar Pattaya Walking Street
Pin Up A gogo is the BEST go-go bar in Thailand, located in Pattaya walking street
Serenity GOGO BAR Pattaya
Palace A Go Go in Pattaya walking street beautiful gogo girls and excellent music
Sugar Sugar Agogo LK Metro, Pattaya
Sensations A Go Go Bar Pattaya
Skyfall Agogo Bar Pattaya walking street
Peppermint GOGO Bar – Walking Street Pattaya

In Pattaya, the best red light districts are LK Metro and Walking street, where you will find many Go Go bars one next to the other.

Another very famous adult entertainment area is Soi 6, which has brothels along both sides of the street, disguised as bars.

You can step in, choose a girl, and take her to a room situated immediately above the bar, in the same building, very convenient.

Some of these bars specialize in blowjobs, which are always in high demand. A blowjob on Soi 6 is excellent and cheap.

Many tourists planning a trip to Bangkok or Pattaya in Thailand will prepare for their trip by viewing videos on YouTube.  You may find it frustrating to discover that you will rarely, maybe never, see a video of the INSIDE of A Go Go bar.

The gogo bars do not allow any filming inside, and taking photos is also strictly forbidden, to protect the identity of the girls as well as the customers.

The Go-Go bars enforce this no filming no photos policy VERY strictly, with multiple security personnel placed all over the bar.

This is why no one really knows what goes on inside a GO GO bar and what exactly it feels like to be there, unless you visit such a bar in person.

Trust me, go to A gogo bar in Bangkok or Pattaya, you will thank me.

If you find this article useful and helpful with precious information please leave a nice comment below.