Everything you need to know about go go bars in Bangkok and Pattaya

Thailand is world famous for its exotic beaches and erotic nightlife. Millions of men visit the country each year looking to get involved with the famous hookers in the land of smiles. Most of those guys find their ladies in the go go bars of Bangkok and Pattaya.

Go go bars are arguably the most visible and open adult entertainment businesses in the country. With big flashing neon lights and attractive welcoming women, they almost look like casinos.

Prostitution is illegal in Thailand.  Though thousands of go go dancers have sex with customers every single night and no one bats an eye. The sex industry in Thailand is huge with tens of thousands of people and millions of dollars involved. Go go bars are a big part of that.

In this article we are going to tell you everything you ever wanted to know about go go bars in Bangkok and Pattaya. We will tell you what go go bars are, what they are like inside, who the dancers are, how much they charge for sex, how they have sex and more. Any question you have about go go bars will be answered here!

What is a go go bar?

Go go bars are sort of like strip clubs where you can have sex with the dancers. Thailand’s go go bars are somewhat unique in the world. There are hundreds of go go bars across the country. They started around the time that US soldiers fighting the war in Vietnam started staying in Thailand.

The highest numbers of Thai go go bars can be found in Bangkok and Pattaya. There are also smaller numbers of agogos in cities like Phuket and Chiang Mai.

Thailand’s go go bars go by many names. Of course some people do call them go go bars. Though others call them agogo barsagogosA-go-go or just plain old “girly bars”. The name doesn’t really matter. All of these places are more or less the same in terms of the business model. Though there are definitely differences between the individual bars.

Generally speaking a go go bar in Thailand will have a stage, some seats, and some women. The women will normally dance on stage in either sex clothes, bikinis, or fully nude. Though there are exceptions – the women in the go go bars setup for Thai men around Sutthisan Road usually don’t dance much at all.

Most customers visit go go bars in Bangkok and Pattaya because they are looking for a woman to have sex with. So the amount of dancing might not matter so much. In the Thai oriented agogos in the Sutthisan area, the customers are looking for women to drink and spend time with.

If you want to have sex with a dancer at a go go bar, you simply need to ask. There really is nothing more to it, well except for shelling out the appropriate amount of cash. The dancer can say yes or no though, since they’re working of their own free will. These ladies are not slaves or victims of human trafficking. They’re just sex workers trying to earn a living.

Why visit go go bars in Bangkok and Pattaya?

The main reason we go to Thai go go bars is to see all the sexy Thai go go dancers that abound! They are not all super models but still even an average Thai woman will turn a lot heads.

Of course the average Thai woman looks a lot better than the average western gal these days. You aren’t going to see any huge overweight women dancing in a Thai go go bar. No man haters with armpit hair swing on the stages either. For many men this is a large part of the appeal.

Tattoos and piercings are pretty common. So is plastic surgery. A significant percentage of go go girls have had work done on their noses and boobs. Some even have ass implants! Tattoos and pierced nipples, tongues, eyebrows, noses and even clitoral hoods are common too. Don’t worry if you’re into all natural women however. Plenty of these go go gals are unblemished.

Most of the dancers are on the slim side with nice curves in all the right places. These ladies care about their looks and spend a lot of time working on their hair and makeup. Add to that their natural beauty and femininity and you have something that can really stiffen up your prick!

When you first walk into a go go bar and see fifty sexy Asian women in thongs at eye level it is like nothing you have ever experienced. Later when you end up leaving the bar with one of these women for a night of passionate sex it can change your life forever.

Buying sex at Thai go go bars

Of course you will also need to pay to have sex with a go go lady, unless you are a very handsome man who is able to hookup with dancers when they are off the clock. Most dancers have local Thai boyfriends or husbands who fuck them for free and even help spend their money after hours. If you want to see proof of this, just wait until the bars close and watch all the dancers meet up with their significant others.

The rest of us have to spend a significant amount of money to have sex with a go go dancer. First you need to buy a lady drink for the dancer you like to break the ice and introduce yourself. Lady drinks cost around double what a normal drink costs. Some of the extra expense is given to the dancer as a sort of commission. If she orders a “double drink” or tequila she gets even more money. So watch out if you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg.

Look at the names and numbers written on the walls of many go go bars in Bangkok and Pattaya. These are “record spends” by guys who spend as much money as they can. If you pay close attention you will see that some men are willing to drop tens of thousands of Baht in a go go bar in a single night. You don’t have to do that just to have a good time though.

Once you offer a lady drink to a dancer, she will normally come and sit with you. This is your chance to get to know her. Don’t expect much English though. The majority of go go girls can barely string a sentence together in English.

It helps if you are willing to learn Thai. Though if you can speak Thai you probably won’t go to any go go bars to begin with. So instead, just get ready to answer the same three questions over and over:

  1. What is your name?
  2. Where are you from?
  3. Where are you staying?

Answer correctly to the last one and you might get a lady excited about visiting your room. Dancers would rather fuck you in a high end luxury hotel then a dumpy shack. Don’t worry too much though. Most dancers are happy to bang right in a short time hotel next to the bar too!

Keep in mind that few dancers know what the word “sex” means, even though it is something they do for a living. Thai go go dancers use basic English and terms you might not have heard elsewhere. So for most Thai go go girls, sex is in fact known as “boom boom.” Blowjobs are usually called “smoke” or “smoking” too. Somehow everyone seems to know what fuck ass means though. One famous Pattaya dancer even has the words “fuck ass” tattooed across her butt cheeks!

You do have to know that buying a lady drink doesn’t necessarily guarantee anything. Most ladies will at least sit with you if you give them a “Lady Drink”. Some will just take the drink from on stage though. Even those who sit with you will usually get up and get back on stage when it is “their time to dance.”

Watch out for ladies on rotation who try to have many customers at once. They might take a sip of a drink on your table, then walk over and take a sip of a drink on another table. Some girls will try to run three or more guys at the same time! Avoid this completely. It’s a bad practice and you don’t want to end up fighting over a third world whore. After all, you’re here to have a good time.

Lady drinks cost 200 Baht or more in go go bars. Some cost more than double that. It’s easy to spend a lot of money by purchasing lady drinks for dancers and other staff in the bars. There are men who spend thousands of dollars this way.

If you get along with a dancer you’ve purchased a drink for, you can ask to take her out of the bar. Sometimes they will call over their “Mamasan” for this part. Here you have to pay a bar fine to the bar. The bar fine money is supposed to help the bar owners make up for any revenue and wages they would lose by missing a lady for some amount of time. In reality it is just a payment to the bar for the introduction.

Bar fines start at 1500 Baht and go up from there. These days some bars ask thousands of Baht for a bar fine. They also have tiered bar fine systems. So they might charge more before midnight than they do after midnight. Or they may charge more for one lady than another. Some even charge different amounts depending on how long you plan to stay with the girl!

In the old days guys would pay a single simple bar fine of a few hundred Baht. That basic system no longer exists however. So now you can expect Mamasans to break out menus and price lists with all kinds of various rates. Or they will just start showing you numbers on their phone screens. If you want to take a dancer out of a go go bar then you have to pay these fees. There’s really no way around it.

On top of these fees you also have to pay the dancers directly. Since they don’t get any percentage of the bar fine, the ladies want to be compensated for their time and effort. Some mamasans will try to fold the total price all in together, but this is not normal.

The way it works is that you pay your bill including all lady drinks and bar fines up front. Then you pay whatever you agree upon to your go go dancers after you finish having sex. This is the tried and true method that people have been using in Thailand for at least fifty years.

Prices for sex with go go dancers

The amount you give a Thai go go girl for sex is between you and her. Though you should definitely set the rate and agree upon it before you leave the bar. Otherwise you are just asking for trouble. If you don’t say how much you are willing to pay in the beginning you can be extorted for more than you want to pay later.

The normal rate for sex with go go girls is between 1500 and 10000 Baht a session. The average is probably around 3000 Baht these days. Most dancers have their own prices in mind. If they like you they may be willing to negotiate. If you repulse them, they might set some really high price. That way they win no matter what. You either balk at the high price and leave them alone, or you give them some huge sum to play with their pussy and get the sex over with.

Please note that these prices are for “short time” which is an important distinction. Years ago any girl you bar fined would be happy to spend the night with you. These days go go dancers are looking for multiple 1 hour “short time” sessions per night. This allows them to makes lots of money then go home to their lovers.

You can still get “long time” with some ladies, but expect to pay a lot more for the privilege. Some of the ladies will also wake up at sunrise and leave. So don’t think that a long time session will necessarily include breakfast the next day.

Make sure you pay what you promised when the time comes. The people in the go go bar industry and their friends among the local authorities do not take kindly to those who do not pay go go dancers as agreed. You can tip her if you want. Some dudes give a lot of extra money to their favorite dancers. Though you definitely don’t have to do this.

Having sex with go go dancers

You might wonder what to expect when you have sex with go go dancers. At the end of the day they are just people like you and me. Some Thai go go girls are more experienced than others.

If you find a farm fresh lady who just came in from the province, you might even get a somewhat romantic experience. If you pick a heavily tattooed chick with big fake breasts and neon purple hair you are more likely to get a porn star experience with lots of hardcore action.

The majority of your go go sex experiences will fall right in the middle. You can basically expect a little touching then some sex with a condom in a few positions. Some girls will give you a blowjob. Others will not. Because of this a lot of guys will actually ask up front if a girl sucks cock. The problem is that this can lead to a more mechanical experience since it removes any potential spontaneity from the situation. So you might prefer to just go with the flow and see what happens.

Thai bar girls are famous for doing the “starfish routine.” That is, they simply lay on the bed with their legs spread like a starfish on the beach. They wait for you to blow your load so they can clean up and go back to the bar for more money.

This isn’t true of every dancer, but it’s true enough to be a well known stereotype. So don’t get surprised if you pay a bar fine and more only to end up with a lady who just lays there waiting for you to cum.

If you’re looking for more hot and steamy sex you just have to put in a little leg work first. Search around until you find a woman you vibe with. Or you can just settle for a good looking whore with nice tits who will let you pump away. In Thailand it is up to you!

A note about mamsans in go go bars

“Mamasan” is the Thai version of a Japanese phrase that basically means “mama.” In Thai society an older lady in charge of a bunch of younger ladies is always going to be looked at as an authority figure.

Mamasans can be pretty annoying. Especially if you are just in town for a few days. Though if you are a regular visitor to a particular bar it can pay to get in good with a mama. Buying her drinks and giving her tips might lead her to giving you special treatment and sending the best ladies your way.

Keep in mind that you can also go to mamasans with any of your special requests. So if want to put together a good threesome or you are looking for a girl who does anal, you can tell a mamasan. She will know who in the bar can meet your requirements.

Don’t be ashamed to tell these mamasans about your real desires either. Whether you are into feet or drinking a hot glass of piss with your morning toast, they will not be shocked. At most they might laugh or smile before pointing you to the resident kinky slut who does it all. Every bar has one!

The same rules can also apply to waitresses. If you find a friendly waitress who can speak decent English, it might pay to make her your “friend.” The right amount of tips and sweet talk can get you everything from the best seat in the house to hookups with the horniest babes in the bars.

Where are the go go bars in Bangkok and Pattaya?

The Bangkok go go bars for foreigner tourists are mainly located inside of three separate locations. Nana Entertainment Plaza (NEP) on Sukhumvit Soi 4 is a closed center with four floors of bars. Soi Cowboy is a short street near the Asoke intersection that is lined with go go bars on both sides. Finally there is Patpong in the Silom section of the city. This is the original foreigner friendly red light district in Bangkok. Though these days it is not nearly as popular.

There are a few more go go bars scattered around Bangkok. These outside bars tend to be a little loser with the rules. You are more likely to find nude women who will touch you outside of the main areas. Though it’s no surprise to have a topless dancer grab your cock through your pants in the middle of NEP either.

Most of the go go bars in Pattaya are centered in two main areas. The first is the world famous Walking Street by the ocean, which is arguably the central focal point of the entire city. The second is the newer LK Metro, which is an L shaped street filled with agogos. There are also some go go bars scattered around other areas like Soi BukhaoTree TownBeach Road and Soi 6.

Walking Street is definitely the more tourist oriented area. The street is filled with throngs of gawking tourists from around the world every night of the week. Most of these people just get in the way and are not actually interested in watching girls dance or have sex. Because this area is so popular with ignorant newbies the prices are normally much higher than they are in the areas where expats and locals play.

LK Metro is more oriented towards actual adult entertainment. Most guys who go to LK Metro are looking for sex, and there is no reason they can’t find it. LK Metro tends to be a little bit less expensive than Walking Street.

The other go go bars scattered around Pattaya are hit and miss. Some are sleezy bars with fully nude dancers where anything goes. Others are just boring places that look like they should have gone out of business years ago. Still if you ever wanted to see a naked Asian MILF shoot an ice cube out of her pussy then you might want to adventure around and look for some of these places off the beaten path.

If you’re looking for a tamer more mainstream experience you can just go into some of the really tourist friendly places in Soi Cowboy or Walking Street. Don’t think you will look out of place. Many people now visit go go bars in Bangkok and Pattaya purely to take in the show. They like the flashing light, pounding music and overall visual spectacle.

Stay away from any places in Patpong offering “live sex shows” or “ping pong shows.” These are rip-off joints that trap you inside and charge you tons of money. No legitimate go go bar has guys out in the streets trying to drag customers inside. Though many go go bars will put very sexy women with signs outside to help drum up business.

What Thai go go girls wear

The clothing the go go girls wear depends on the venue, the area it is located in, and the rules of the time. Technically nude dancing is not allowed in Thailand. So you will not find any place openly advertising itself as a strip club in Bangkok or Pattaya. But you can definitely find go go bars with nude and semi-nude dancers in both cities if you know where to look.

Most go go bars in Bangkok and Pattaya have dozens of dancers wearing some combination of bikinis, hot pants, lingerie and bras. It can be very nice to look at, just be forewarned that things aren’t always as they seem.

Thai go go dancers have a lot of trick to make themselves look better in the bar than they do out in the light of day. Heavy makeup is just the beginning. Many also wear skin colored pantyhose to make the skin on their legs look smooth. Others wear bra pads or even two bras to make it look like they have larger and more perky breasts. Fake hair extension are common too. Worst of all might be the hot pants which can be pulled up to cover stomach skin damaged by pregnancy. Be forewarned.

Crazy House on Sukhumvit Soi 23 just outside of Soi Cowboy is probably the most famous fully nude go go bar in Bangkok. The women take off all their clothes and dance on the stage there every night. Some of the women come off the stage and grind on the guys who buy them drinks or give tips. Sometimes things go a lot further than just grinding too!

Spanky’s A go go in Nana Plaza is another Bangkok bar with full nudity. You can watch women take a shower just behind the stage there. Bath tub shows go on nightly at Butterflies and Billboard go go bars in the same NEP complex. They even have seats arranged around the tubs so you can watch the women soap each other off in the buff.

Pattaya has plenty of fully nude go go bars where the women are known to do a lot more than just dancing. Windmill and Kink are probably the two most well known go go bars with naked dancers in Pattaya. These places are also known for the intense interaction that goes down between the ladies and the customers. It’s normal to see guys from the audience go down on dancers at both of these bars. Sometimes it works the other way around with the dancers going down on the guys!

Topless go go bars are pretty easy to find in both Bangkok and Pattaya. One negative issue in Pattaya is that some of the agogo dancers who go topless are labeled as “models.” In certain bars you have to pay more to buy drinks for these so-called models. Or to pay their bar fine so you can have sex with them outside. Apparently the bars do this so they can promise dancers more money for showing their hooters.

Different types of go go bars

The most common type of Thai go go bar is what we might call a basic or average place. You might think it’s crazy to call a room with 75 half naked Asian babes willing to fuck “average,” but we need something to compare.

Next you have the show bars. These are mainly old school places like Suzy Wong on Soi Cowboy in Bangkok. Here you can watch full on shows every hour or so. Special dancers come out, strip down, and put on a presentation. Lesbian oil shows are most popular, and they are definitely fun to watch. Who doesn’t want to see a model quality whore with massive balloons suck grease off a twig thin Asian’s cunt? You can also see stuff like banana fucking and women who pull long ropes out of their vaginas!

Finally you have the raunchy bars where you can let your hair down and let your hands roam. These are places like WindmillKink and Heaven Above in Pattaya. Or Crazy House back in Bangkok.

Some people think the more raunchy bars with totally nude dancers have less attractive ladies. The truth is that each person has their own idea of what is beautiful and what is not. You can find both beautiful and unattractive women working at pretty much every single go go bar in Thailand.

The more hands-on bars can be a lot of fun too. Ever dream about sucking 20 pairs of tits in a single night? It is not difficult to do in a lot of go go bars. In some places you can even go full Trump and grab women by the pussy! It’s just another form of shopping around. So don’t be surprised if a dancer slides her thong to the side and invites you to give her a finger bang right at the side of the stage!

What are go go dancers like?

There are tens of thousands of go go dancers in Thailand. Most of them work in either Bangkok or Pattaya. The majority of go go dancers come from the impoverished Isaan region. They tend to have brown skin, straight black hair, and nice thin bodies.

Women have to be at least 20 to work at a go go bar in Thailand. Despite what you may have heard from sensationalist anti-sex nuts, these bars don’t hire any underage women. They’re all adults who want to make money.

Most gogo dancers you see in Thailand are in their mid or late twenties. There are many in their thirties too, and some are even older than that. One bar in Pattaya even had a mother and daughter working at the same time!

But what do the go go dancers look like? Simply put, they look like Thai women. You can’t narrow it down much more than that since there is so much variation between dancers.

The truth is that any looks you find in general Thai society can also be found in the go go bars. These bars used to be very selective and only hire the most attractive applicants. That was then. Now many bars will hire any woman who walks in looking for a job. So you can see everything from sexy 20 year old skinny “spinners” to chunky grannies with saggy tits.

The old Club Electric Blue go go bar in the Patpong section of Bangkok famously (and honestly) advertised that it had “lots of beautiful women, and a couple of ugly ones too!” This is pretty much true for any agogo you find.

The best go go bar in Bangkok

Now that you know all about go go bars, you probably want to find the best there is to offer. Though one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Do you like beautiful women? Loud dance music? Older cougars? Tight twenty year olds? Big naked tits you can touch? You can find it all in Bangkok, but not necessarily in the same place.

For my money the best go go bar in Bangkok is probably Crazy House. When you walk in you see tons of naked Thai women rubbing their tits and pussies all over the customers. Guys with boners are groping little brown fucking machines in the corners. The music is pounding and it’s like the world’s best nightclub. You have to see it to believe it. I once slipped on a used condom back near the bathroom. Just imagine the story behind that!

Other great go go bars in Bangkok include places like BaccaraButterflies, Spanky’s and Billboard. One thing these places all have in common is that they are run by foreigners. These foreign managers stay in the bar and make sure everything goes smoothly! They all have lots of very attractive women too. This is a real key.

Rainbow 5 in Nana Plaza is a favorite of Asian customers from Korea and Japan, but it is open to everyone. The women in Rainbow 5 might not be the most friendly or skilled in conversation, but you will find tons of super sexy babes here any given night of the week. You can expect to see plenty of hard plastic tits in your face, though you might not be invited to touch them.

There are also a bunch of ladyboy go go bars in Bangkok. So if you’re into transexual chicks with dicks then any of these might seem like the best. There are a half dozen tranny bars in Nana Plaza now. Go on in and pick your favorite. They might even pick you if you don’t watch out!

The best go go bar in Pattaya

Pattaya is located just two hours from Bangkok by car, taxi or bus. Yet it can seem like an entirely different world. Bangkok is a bustling major city while Pattaya is a laid back resort town next to the ocean. The go go bars are a little different too.

Pattaya go go bars tend to be a little more hardcore. You see more flesh and open sexual activity in some cases. Yet the ladies can be a little more demanding and cutthroat for whatever reason. You can certainly find a nice little stunner if you look around. Just beware the experienced sharks who look for suckers to shakedown and you should be able to have lots of fun. Remember that it’s your money, and you are in control!

Pattaya a-go-go bars like Pin UpXS, Dolls and Sapphire are famous for hiring the most beautiful dancers. They also charge premium prices to go along with the reputation though. If you don’t mind spending for eye candy, these places might be right up your alley. Just know that you can find women who are just as beautiful in other bars if you spend a little time to look around.

If getting up close and personal with sexy naked Thai dancers is more your thing then you will want to check out WindmillKink, and Heaven Above. These are places where your eyes will be pleased and your hands will be free to feel! If you visit Kink, make sure to go upstairs. The ground floor just looks like a regular go go bar. Upstairs they have a huge play mat where dancers do all kinds of crazy stuff. You might even see a customer eating pussy!

The best go go bar in Pattaya overall may be Slutz on Soi LK Metro though. This large and entertaining bar has just the right combination of things to make guys happy.

  • Lots of ladies
  • Lots of visible skin on display
  • Plenty of heavy petting
  • Reasonable prices.

Slutz basically has it all when it comes to a Pattaya go go bar. If you don’t like Slutz then you probably don’t like go go bars at all. Though I’m pretty sure that any man with a heart beat and penis would love the place!

Helpful tips for Thai go go bars

If you’ve read this far then you should have a very good understanding of the ins and outs of go go bars in Bangkok and Pattaya. At this point you are ready to visit any of these agogos and have a good time. Just follow a few basic tips to ensure the best experience.

  • Take your time: don’t rush into a long term thing with the first girl you meet.
  • Stay in control: watch your spending and don’t get so drunk that you ruin your experience.
  • Be nice: go go dancers are people too. Treat them as you want to be treated.
  • Don’t fight: fights between foreigners and Thai never end well for the foreigners.
  • Watch your check: some less than scrupulous bars will pad bills. Be careful!
  • Avoid buying tequila shots and double lady drinks: they are a total scam.
  • Don’t spend more than you need to: no one respects a sucker.
  • Beware “drinks only” girls: make sure a girl will barfine before you invest time and money

As long as you follow these simple tips and keep your wits, you will be set to have a fantastic time in what is truly one of the last adult playgrounds for men in the world! Thai go go bars are truly something to see and experience yourself. You will not be disappointed.

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