Leolist started out as ERSlist about 15 years ago. It started by the owner and a few friends calling the escorts that were listed on Craigslist and Backpage, and begging them to come and post a free ad on Erslist.


Erslist was a free site for posting escort classified ads, and it remained free until the site was getting about 10,000 visitors per day.


At that point Erslist started charging a modest advertising fee, and the popularity of the site kept rising.


Not long after that Craigslist anounced they will stop advertising adult classified ads; this brought a lot of new business to both Backpage and Erslist.


The original owner of Erslist was living in Vancouver, Canada, but it is possible that the site was sold and changed hands about 7 years ago, when it became Leolist. (Leo List).


As the owners of the site are trying to remain anonymous, it is hard to say if Leolist.cc is still owned by the original owner, or where the owners are currently located.


In early 2018 when Backpage got seized and closed down, this was the big moment for Leo List, (Leolist.cc); all the traffic and advertising business came to Leo List at this point, as Leolist was the second most popular adult and escorts site in Canada.


Leo List is very popular in Toronto and other major cities in Canada like Montreal, Vancouver and Calgary, but they are charging very high fees, and it is just a question of time before a new site with reasonable advertising fees will take over the traffic.


The main reason Leo List is so successful is thanks to their website which is very sophisticated (they have been improving it over the last 15 years!), the site is very user friendly for both the visitor and mainly the escorts and escort agencies advertising there.

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