Sugar dating, or sugaring, is no different from any other relationship; each person provides the other with high value benefits, in its core, it is an arrangement.

Sugar babies come in a variety of sizes, shapes and nationalities; they are first and foremost physically attractive and beautiful, making them an object of desire for social events, hookups and casual sex.

Some sugar babies are blonde, some are Latina and others are Ebony. You will find Russian, German, French and many Oriental sugar babies; Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Korean, Vietnamese and Filipina.

Every sugar baby has her own unique personality, but all sugar babies have one thing in common; they have mastered the art of dating, romance and seduction.

Sugar babies are usually attractive young women looking for a relationship with mutual benefits.  A typical sugar baby will have the looks, the personality and the brains making her the ideal companion for dinner dates, office parties, travel or just quality time together.

But don’t kid yourself, sugar babies also get many benefits out of a sugar relationship, some of these benefits are obvious…but some are secret and not immediately obvious.  A good example of a huge benefit is the ability to discuss various daily issues with a mature man with many years of life experience, who can offer wise solutions to daily problems.

Some online dating websites like the famous sugar dating site have a huge database of available sugar babies, as well as sugar daddies, seeking an arrangement.

Sugar daddies are first and foremost successful in all aspects of life and can offer mental and emotional support to a sugar baby, short term or long term.

But a sugar daddy brings a lot more than friendship and support to the table.

Sugar daddies are usually successful people.  As such, they have pleasant personalities, a high IQ, and when you combine that with a not so young age, sugar daddies tend to have good life experience and a significant amount of accumulated wisdom.

Which is why the sugar dating benefits offered to the sugar baby are in fact very similar to what she would get from any other relationship; just hanging out with these men and enjoying their company and life experience is in itself a huge part of the benefit for the sugar baby.

On the other hand, sugar babies too, have amazing personalities, a high IQ and looks to die for, which is what makes the very special arrangement between sugar babies and sugar daddies a win win situation to both people, there are no losers in this relationship.

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