A Step By Step Guide To Sugar Dating In Canada

What is a Canadian sugar baby? How do you get into a sugar relationship in Canada? These questions are being asked by millions of people. The basic answer is that a sugar baby is a person financially supported by someone else. Sugar relationships can be formed anywhere, but these days most people interested in sugaring meet through dedicated websites like Secret Benefits.

Of course there is a lot more to sugar dating in Canada than that. Like anything else, there are all sorts of details and intricacies to sugar baby relationships. That’s why we made this guide to explain everything you ever wanted to know about sugar babies.

We will go into all the details of sugar relationships so that you will be informed on the subject. You might even decide that this is something that’s right for you. Only you can make this kind of decision. Though informed decision making requires understanding of all the pertinent information.

What is a Canadian sugar baby?

A sugar baby is just a person who receives compensation from another person. The paying person “sweetens” up the relationship with “sugar” that could be anything from a regular payment to jewelry, trips, designer clothes, lavish dates or really anything else of value.

The most common form of sugar dating throughout history has consisted of a younger female “sugar baby” and an older male “sugar daddy.” These days lots of things are changing. There are now plenty of more mature “sugar mommas” taking care of their “sugar boys” too.

Ultimately, any sort of relationship could take on sugar characteristics. Imagine a busy but successful businessman in his twenties who is interested in middle aged “cougars.” Why couldn’t he enter a sugar relationship with a woman twice his age?

A sugar baby’s motivation is normally receiving the compensation. The sugar daddy or mommy is happy to spend on the sugar baby because it gives them close access to a person they might not otherwise be able to engage with.

Where does sugar dating come from?

Anyone who has had their eyes open over the last few years has undoubtedly noticed the extraordinary rise in sugar baby relationships. It seems that the subject is in the mainstream news almost every day!

Some tie the rise of sugar dating in Canada to increases in student loans and the price of a university education. The reality is that this sort of relationship is at least as old as money itself.

A brief look at history reveals the existence of things like “kept women” and “treating” going back hundreds of years. In some ways, this can even be tied to the animal kingdom. In the wild, female chimpanzees have been found to spend time with males who offer them meat from hunts. This isn’t all that different.

Are sugar relationships legal in Canada?

Now that you understand what sugar relationships are, you may be wondering if the whole thing is legal. Obviously laws are more detailed and intricate than a simple explanatory article like this. Though generally speaking, the act of a person giving money to another person they like is not illegal.

Of course there are all kinds of variations around the world. Prostitution is totally legal in some countries. In others, it can be a violation of the law for a woman to show her hair to a man she is not related or married to! The same goes for things like alcohol. Here a person must be 21 to drink. There an 18 year old can do it.

The concept with a sugar baby relationship is that they are receiving money out of admiration or at most for companionship. A real sugar baby setup is not an exchange of money for sex.

Sugar dating in Canada is an exchange of companionship more than anything else.

The sugar daddy benefits from the companionship of a sweet, sexy and beautiful lady, while she gets to be with a mature, wise, successful and experienced man.

That is not to say that no sugar babies are having sex with their supporters. But the sex is not specifically tied to the money. In other words, no one is being paid a set fee for sex! That is why sugar relationships are free to prosper in much of the world.

What to expect from a Canadian sugar baby

By now you are probably wondering what sugar relationships are actually like in practice. What exactly do sugar babies do for their sugar daddies? The answers are varied as human relationships in general.

There are all sorts of different sugar relationships, just as there are all kinds of non-sugar relationships. We all know of those couples who can’t keep their hands off of each other. At the same time, most of us also know people who are in totally sexless relationships too.

Some sugar babies look for connections. They want to know people who are successful so that they can network and set themselves up for the future. Other sugar babies just want a private affair on the down low that will also help them take care of some of their debts.

Typically speaking a Canadian sugar baby will at the very least spend time with her sugar daddy. That may consist of purely private time in discreet locations. Or it could be something as open as attending public events together. Really it depends on the people involved and what exactly they are looking for.

Where to find a sugar baby or sugar daddy in Canada

Sugar relationships have become so popular and common in today’s culture that it is theoretically possible to find one anywhere. These days some women will come right out and state their intentions in their profiles on social media and dating sites. When a lady says she is “Looking for daddy$” this typically means she wants to enter a sugar dating relationship.

Canadian Sugar babies and daddies find each other in all sorts of places. The internet is definitely the most common meeting place for sugar dating. There are all kinds of dedicated websites and forums out there. Of course some are a lot better than others.

Secret Benefits is a website set up precisely for sugar babies to meet sugar daddies and sugar mommies. It is a non-nonsense straight forward place where sugar relationships can start. Sign up is free and there are tons of members to browse through.

So if a sugar relationship in Canada is something you are seriously considering then Secret Benefits is definitely something that you should look into. It is used by countless people and the feedback is overwhelmingly positive.

Sugar babies can be found in any city in Canada, but usually they will be attracted to the larger cities, where they are sure to find plenty of money and sugar daddies like Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, Winnipeg, Edmonton & Vancouver.

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