There used to be a time, years ago, when people used to go to Thailand to find sex, and this used to be called sex tourism.

Sex tourism in Thailand is now a thing of the past. There is nothing you can get in Thailand, that you cannot easily find in any major city, and often at a much cheaper price.

The internet has made it easy to find any kind of sex, with any kind of person, in almost any city, hence, the need to travel to Thailand is gone.

Thailand, however is still a very popular destination for tourism, but it is no longer because of sex availability, but rather due to the combination of sex with day time and night time adult entertainment.

Even though pure sex is cheap and readily available everywhere, most cities are lacking in both daytime entertainment as well as night time adult entertainment.

So why is Thailand so special? Well, you can spend the day on a beautiful beach, enjoy the sun, the heat, the swimming, and lots of fresh fruit.

Once the sun sets, you can head out to a gogo bar, where you will enjoy amazing electric dance music, and you will be able to view plenty of very sexy and beautiful Thai gogo dancers.

At this point, you have enjoyed a wonderful day on the beach or pool, and sipped a few cold beers while watching some of the most gorgeous women you will ever see dance right in front of you.

If you want more, you can get what you can get almost anywhere on the planet. Thailand is special because it offers the total entertainment package.

Travelling to Thailand is especially pleasant because the Thai people are naturally very friendly. It is a pleasure being around happy people that smile a lot, which is why Thailand is called the land of smiles.

There’s a lot of talk about sex tourism in Thailand. Millions of men travel to Thailand each and every year. Many of those men pay for sex with local women. There are tens of thousands of prostitutes working in Thailand. These are the facts.

Prostitution is the world’s oldest profession. You can find hookers all over the world. Yet few countries have a sex industry as widespread and varied as Thailand’s. There are red light districts and massage parlors all over the country. Cities like Pattaya are even constructed entirely around prostitution!

Alongside its beaches and temples, Thailand is home to an assortment of sex shops including go go bars, blowjob bars, massage parlors, karaoke clubs, beer bars, ladyboy bars, cabaret shows, brothels and more! They even have a Boyztown area for gay and female customers to hire male gigolos!

Places like Walking Street in Pattaya and Soi Cowboy in Bangkok are so famous that they have featured centrally in famous Hollywood movies.

Some anti-sex types like to disparage sex tourism and sex tourists. They paint all sex tourists as filthy sex pats who are preying on poor disadvantaged women. The fact is that many Thai hookers make more than their customers! With go go dancers doing multiple guys per night at 100 bucks a shot the math makes sense.

Here’s something else to note. There are actually more prostitutes for Thai guys in Thailand than there are for foreign tourists. Western people who never leave the beach side resorts simply don’t see this, so they pretend it doesn’t exist.

The fact is that the sex industry in Thailand is massive. It’s a part of the country’s culture and history that touches all walks of life, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

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