The Internet’s Best Article Ever Written About Massage Parlors

Massage parlors are interesting and intriguing places for many people. There is a lot of mystery about massage parlors and what goes on inside massage parlors. Today we will set the record straight with the best article ever written about massage parlors.

In this article we are going to tell you everything you ever wanted to know about massage parlors. We will give you detailed information about the ins and outs of these semi-secretive operations. We’re going to talk about the massage parlor business model, massage parlor women, services offered, prices, and more.

Of course we are also going to get into happy ending and full service massage! We will even get into some of the taboo subjects like human trafficking and sex work. You may be very surprised about what you learn here.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of massage parlors all over the world. Unless you live in a very rural or conservative area, there is a good chance that there are even some massage parlors near you. Massage parlors are found on every continent and in almost every country of the world. There are even massage parlors in Alaska and the Middle East!

What are massage parlors?

At the most basic level, a massage parlor is a shop setup to offer massages. In reality a lot of massage parlors offer “extras” like hand jobs, blowjobs or even full service sex. There are also some massage parlors which are just fronts for brothels – they don’t offer any massages at all!

The term massage parlor can be used to describe any of these erotic massage places, but some people also refer to non-sexual mainstream therapeutic massage businesses as “massage parlors” too.

Mainstream massage parlors often boast of their “legitimate credentials.” Some will go as far as posting signs that say “NO SEX” and other things of that nature. They are proud that they do not offer a complete massage. This makes them feel somehow superior by only massaging certain parts of the human body. Corporate massage chains like Massage Envy and Asian Herb Association fall into this category. So do some independent and smaller places that doing nothing other than genuine body massage.

When we talk about massage parlors here, we are referring to places where they rub more than just your back. These are the erotic massage parlors that men want to visit.

Why are they called massage parlors? It’s pretty simple. The “massage” part doesn’t have to be explained. Obviously, they do massages! Though what about the other part?

Parlor” was once a commonly used English word to describe any sort of room. People would even describe their living room or den as the parlor. These days the word has fallen out of general use except in two cases: funeral parlors and massage parlors.

So basically, massage parlor is just another way to say “massage room.” Some people also call them massage shops, massage rooms, saunas, spas, or – in the case of places that specialize in hand jobs – “rub and tugs” or simply “jack shacks.”

In some areas you need a license to call yourself a masseuse or offer massage. So providers often use euphemistic phrases like “back rubs,” “foot rubs,” or “body work” to get around the regulations and keep themselves out of trouble.

As you can see, there are lots of different massage parlors around. Each place has its own individual characteristics. Though the general business model is more or less the same across the industry. Erotic massage parlors can be more or less divided into a few basic types:

  • tantric massage
  • happy ending massage
  • full service massage
  • brothels

Tantric massage is based on an understanding of some ancient Eastern texts. The idea is that certain massage techniques and mindfulness can allow people to achieve greater satisfaction in life. There are some far out New Age “tantras” who really believe in this stuff. Others just use the “tantra” word to get away with doing hand jobs and yoni massage on women’s pussies for money. Police are less likely to look into people who claim to be offering a sort of religious experience.

Happy ending massage is a normal massage that concludes with a nice hand job. Normally you get a full body rub that is followed by “the flip.” Once you are on your back with your erect penis waving in the wind, the masseuse then takes care of you by stroking your hard rod until you shoot out all your semen. Some happy ending massage parlors even offer prostate massage to make sure they really milk every drop of sperm out of your aching body.

Full service massage is focused around offering actual sexual intercourse. Punters may receive a very brief rubdown to satisfy the “massage” requirement, or they might actually get a full body to body massage in a place like a nuru massage parlor or soapy massage parlor. Either way, the main feature of full service massage is actual sex. A blowjob is usually included too, and some places even offer special extras like rim jobs and toe sucking!

Brothels are places where prostitutes have sex with guys for money. Sometimes they operate under the pretense of being massage parlors despite offering no sort of massage whatsoever. They do this to maintain the image of a legitimate business. These places are only “massage parlors” in the most superficial sense, mainly because they claim the title on their business papers.

Why do people love them so much?

You may wonder what is so special about massage parlors. After all, a place to get your shoulders and feet rubbed doesn’t sound all that amazing. Yet tens of millions of people visit these kinds of places every single year. Why is that?

Well, imagine a place that is designed entirely for your relaxation and pleasure. That is a massage parlor! Consider that many massage parlors will put a particular focus on your full enjoyment too. That means they will make sure you have an orgasm to get a full release during your session.

All your stress and pent up anxiety goes out the window when you get a nice long body rub followed by a relieving orgasm. The best part is you don’t have to do anything but lay there. The masseuses take care of everything else. It’s an unmatched form of total enjoyment!

Some women and couples have even taken to massage parlors these days. There are now some shops specializing in happy ending massage for women! There are also places like the Sabai Room soapy massage parlor in Thailand that openly welcomes couples.

Why are they so popular?

Once you realize that massage parlors are a no-strings attached source of pure sexual pleasure then you can understand why massage parlors are so popular. A well-run massage parlor is like a little slice of heaven right here on earth.

When you visit a massage parlor for sexual healing you know you will leave satisfied. There is no need for things like dating, late night anonymous hook ups, iffy websites or anything else. You simply walk in, pay the price and receive the service. If only everything in life was this easy!

Even though massage parlors are popular around the world, they are not without controversy. Some people demonize massage parlors. Mainly this comes from extremists who want to control your behavior and special interest groups that want to deny you of worldly pleasures.

If guys were able to get off whenever they wanted with no special effort, why would anyone go through the misery of long term loveless marriages with demanding overweight women?

In the wiser countries erotic and sensual massages with orgasm have been fully legalized and integrated into society. You can find legal happy ending massage in countries as varied as Japan and the Netherlands.

There are also countries where massage parlors exist in a sort of grey area. Parlors might not technically be allowed to operate according to the statutes. Yet in some countries like Thailand and South Korea erotic massage parlors are still able to operate more or less in the open as the authorities turn a blind eye.

Other countries try to keep a lid on happy ending massages. Yet massage parlors are so in demand that they continue to pop up anyway! So you can still find erotic massage in countries like America and China where it is actually illegal to get a full service massage. Supply and demand is stronger than mere government regulation when it comes to massage parlors. The people get what the people want.

How to know which one is best for you

Now that you know the basics about massage parlors, you probably want to know where to start. First you have to decide on your own whether or not massage parlors are for you. Some people don’t like the idea of getting pure pleasure on demand.

If you do decide to visit a massage parlor you will be entering a whole new world. Guys who get one good happy ending massage rarely stop there. Many become hobbyists who regularly visit MPs whenever time and money allow.

If you’re lucky enough to live in a part of the world where erotic massage is legal you have everything right at your finger tips. When erotic service providers are able to come out of the shadows they can freely and openly advertise their work.

In places like AustraliaMacau and Japan you can walk right into a massage parlor and see a menu complete with options and prices. You might then decide you want to try something really unique like a  “fire and ice” massage at Rio Sauna where the masseuse sucks your dick with ice cubes and hot tea in her mouth.

Or you may just want to start out more basic with a fully satisfying oil massage and a nice hand job.  Many Chinese style massage parlors will include a HJ without even mentioning it. For them, this is the only real way to clear a man’s Qi and give him full relief.

You probably have a lot of experience with masturbation. Having a true professional pull you off is an entirely different experience however. There are some world class wankers working in the massage parlors. They can blow your mind just by using their hands and some warm oil!

How to find hidden massage parlors

Areas that try to ban massage parlors make things a little more murky. You might have to go by your instincts or just look for some signs that indicate a place may be offering special services on the down low. These under the radar massage parlors usually have a few key features in common:

  • Long or late night hours
  • Nondescript fronts
  • Closed blinds or little visibility from outside
  • Locking doors
  • Very basic services

Few real back rub places are going to be open very late, or even 24 hours. If you find a massage parlor that is open at 3 in the morning there is a good chance they do more than basic massage.

Basic shop fronts are another clue. Most businesses want bright obvious signage to help draw in customers. Erotic massage parlors try to avoid attention. So they usually just put up a single sign that says something like “massage.” This keeps out most people. Only those who know what they are looking for will typically venture inside.

Closed blinds are another common sight at sex massage parlors. They don’t want people looking inside to see what’s going on. The customers, who are often married men, don’t want to be seen either. So these places have very private fronts.

Locking doors are another common feature of massage parlors. What legitimate business do you know that keeps its doors locked during business hours? Well, many massage parlors have big steel doors that they keep closed at all times. Then they buzz customers in one at a time after looking at them on a security camera.

This allows them to keep out people they don’t want and look over potential clients. If law enforcement shows up, it also gives them time to make everything look on the up and up before they open the door and let the boys in blue come in to ruin all the fun.

Finally a list of very basic services can be a sign that the place offers extras. Mainstream massage shops for women will typically have elaborate menus offering all kinds of “scrubs” and “soaks” with various prices. Happy ending massage parlors might have a sign that says “30 minutes $40” and nothing more.

None of these things in and of themselves guarantee erotic massage. Though in my experience sensual massage parlors operating in repressive anti-sex climates often have some or even all of these features.

What to look out for

Keep an eye out for any of the above hints when you want to find a massage parlor. Don’t forget to look in places that are off the beaten trail. I’ve found massage parlors in the backs of restaurants, behind gas stations, and even right next to police stations and local political offices!

Urban areas tend to have the most massage parlors. Though you can also find them in heavily traveled routes outside of and between big cities. Sometimes you will find an entire string of massage parlors on a highway just outside of town. Usually these smaller jurisdictions will make special arrangements to allow massage parlors to operate as long as they compensate the right people.

Massage parlors are not always discreet however. There are gigantic massage saunas in places like MacauBangkokPattayaChiang Mai and Seoul with huge flashing neon signs. You might even mistake these places for casinos when you first see them!

Pay attention to signs that say “massage” along with other signs and indications. Many Chinese massage parlors will have big pictures of feet posted up to advertise their services. The idea is that they offer “foot massage.” Other places may have signs up promising things like “acupuncture” or “body work.”

In the more open parts of the world you may even see more obvious signs offering things like nuru or tantric massage. Again, these are not guarantees for sexual offerings. But they are pretty damn good signs if you are in the market for a nice erotic full body rub.

Common tricks massage parlors might play on you

Although massage parlors can be really great places there are also some scammers and snakes who gravitate towards the industry. The reasons for this should be obvious. These people know they are dealing with horny guys and girls who are in a vulnerable position.

Most massage parlors offer what they promise with no issues. Though you do have to stay aware and watch out for things like false promises, rip-offs, and even outright thievery.

First of all, you will probably want to keep your valuables with you at all times. It is best not even to bring valuable items inside of a massage parlor where you will get fully naked. Though sometimes you cannot help it.

Many massage parlors will actually give you a small waterproof pouch to carry your things. Others will provide you with a private locker with a key. These aren’t signs that the place is rife with thieves. Actually it means quite the opposite! They want to remove even a hint of any sort of impropriety and protect themselves at the same time.

Other massage parlors will not offer you any such storage or protection. In those places you will be responsible for your own goods. If you are in a shady place you have never visited you may want to take precautions. This might mean keeping your wallet under your pillow. Or burying your money in your socks. It might sound silly but people have had thousands of dollars taken out of their pants while they were getting massaged!

Another thing to watch out for is the bait and switch. This can come in two forms. The first is to have a beautiful woman promise you a massage. Then when you get in the room and strip naked, someone who looks like her grandmother comes in to finish the job.

This is not always a scam. Sometimes you are made aware up front that some ladies are eye candy and others do the actual massages. Just make sure you know what is going on up front.

It can even work the other way. One good example of this is Jinju Spa in Seoul, where plain looking middle aged women give legitimate full body massages. Once the aunties finish up their rubbing, beautiful women come in and finish the sessions with blowjobs and hand jobs! There it is just part of the routine.

There are other places in South Korea where sexy women in lingerie slob on your prick in the elevator on your way up to the private massage rooms. These ladies usually look better than the mediocre masseuses who will actually fuck you upstairs.

A different take on the bait and switch involves a masseuse stringing you along to get more money. This typically happens at places that don’t openly offer erotic services. It can be in their best interest to make you think you will get a happy ending if you just extend your session.

Here’s how it works. The masseuse will “accidentally” brush up against your balls or do some enticing rubbing on your ass right at the end of your normal massage. Then she will ask if you want to extend your session for more money. You get excited and think you’ll get a hand job if you just pay for an extra thirty minutes. But after you pay you realize that at most you will just get 30 more minutes of teasing.

Why pay for blue balls? If you are going to get a happy ending it will be offered during the regular sessions. I’ve never seen a place where you have to add on time at the end just to get your meat beat. You are either going to get jacked off or you are going to get a regular old massage.

Why women work in massage parlors

After reading all this you might wonder why a woman would even work in a massage parlor. Who wants to give hand jobs for money? Or suck old unwashed dicks in an elevator for hours at a time?

You’ve probably even heard all the horrible stuff about human trafficking and sexual slavery that has been spread around in the media in recent years. So you might think these women are actually being forced to work against their will.

Once you look beyond the buzz words and hot takes you will find that the reality is a lot more easy to understand. Like any industry in this capitalist world, the main motivation for women to work in massage parlors is to earn money.

It may sound simple, but as Occam’s razor suggests the answer is often the most obvious thing in front of us. There’s no need to go digging for deep philosophical reasons for a woman to work in a massage parlor. She works there for the same reason you work at your job! Do you ask your plumber why he pipes sewage for a reason? Or your mailman why he delivers mail?

The main difference here is that sex is involved. For some people that makes things more complicated. It doesn’t have to be though. Especially when you compare things. Would you rather work in a McDonald’s for very low pay or make five times as much rubbing on various body parts? For the women working massage parlors the answer is simple!

Massage parlors offer many women a way to make more money than they could with similar effort elsewhere. There are stories in the media about lawyers, teachers and doctors quitting their respectable jobs to do porn. Why should we be surprised that women would reject worse jobs in factories, restaurants and physical labor to do erotic massage?

What about the human trafficking issue? This has received a lot of attention in recent years. It can be a really useful weapon for those who want to destroy all forms of sex work. Or at least drive them out of the public eye. Of course no one with a brain is going to support slavery. Especially if it is tied to sex!

Yet if you stop and think, or actually talk to some women in massage parlors, you will find that they typically work of their own accord. They go to their job to make money. Then they leave. Some women may have borrowed money to fund their immigration to another country. Sometimes they use money from their massage jobs to pay that money back. Is that so surprising?

What about women who move to another country to work in the sex industry? How is this different from the millions who go to other countries to be construction workers, artists or even doctors? Unless you think sex is some sort of sacred event, then you have to admit that there actually is no difference at all.

We’re living in a material world, and masseuses are material girls. They can walk out the door any time they please. Instead, they choose to stay inside and rub dicks to make money. What’s the big deal?

Massage parlors of the world

In most countries you can find some or all of the massage parlor types described earlier in this article. That means tantric parlors, happy ending parlors, full service parlor and brothels. Within each category there are also other sub categories.

Some massage parlors have an ethnic ownership and culture all their own. The most common types you will encounter are:

  • Chinese massage parlors
  • Korean massage parlors
  • Thai massage parlors
  • Japanese massage parlors
  • Russian massage parlors

First there are the Asian massage parlors (AMPs) including Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Thai places. These are often grouped together for the sake of simplicity, but they have their own important distinctions.

Chinese massage parlors can be found all over the world. Since China is the biggest country in the world by population, this shouldn’t be surprising. You can find Chinese massage parlors in almost ever country in the world. There are Chinese massage parlors in Japan, Cambodia, the United States, Canada, Australia, GermanyMalaysia and most other nations!

For whatever reason, CMPs usually focus more on hand job happy endings. They also tend to employ older and less attractive women. If you have a MILF fetish or don’t care about the looks of a lady as long as she can give a good wank job, then you might not mind. Note that there are always exceptions. I’ve seen beautiful Chinese women in their twenties in some of New York City’s more expensive Chinese massage parlors. I’ve also been offered sex and head in some Chinese massage parlors before.

The normal price at a Chinese Massage Parlor is around one dollar per minute. Expect to pay a tip that doubles the bill for a happy ending. So if the massage costs $35, the happy ending will normally cost another $35 on top of that.

Korean massage parlors are most commonly found in South Korea, America, Australia and Japan. You may find them located in some other places, but they aren’t so common outside of these key areas. In South Korea itself these places are called “anma.”

KMPs almost always offer full service as the main part of their service. It is rare to find a Korean Massage Parlor that only does hand jobs or blowies. While Chinese massage women wear normal street clothes like pants and shirts, the women in Korean massage parlors usually wear nightgowns, teddies, or see through lingerie.

The women in Korean Massage Parlors are always sexy ladies, or at the very least ladies trying to be sexy. Expect to see lots of fake implants and cosmetics. Women range in age from twenty one to as old as sixty. The younger and more attractive babes usually work in major cities. The wrinkled grannies are more commonly found in out of the way locations with more desperate customers.

One notable thing about Korean massage parlors is that they advertise more than the other Asian Massage Parlors. It’s not uncommon to find websites or ads complete with pictures on the internet. Just be aware that the images these shops use are often heavily filtered.

The sex service at Korean massage parlors is usually good if mechanical. These ladies are pros who do multiple guys per day. They have to get dudes off to turn a profit, so they have plenty of skill. A one hour bout in a KMP with body washing, blowjob and sex runs around $200.

Thai massage parlors can be found in ThailandTurkeyHungaryUnited Kingdom, Japan, South Korea, America, Germany, Canada and some other parts of the world. Thai massage is an actual style of massage based on slow and deliberate stretching. Though the places we are talking about here pull more puds than stiff backs.

Thai massage parlors have all sorts of different ladies. I’ve seen young sexy women in some and fat old grandmothers in others. There is really no rhyme or reason to it. Some places like Asian Relax in Tokyo go out of their way to hire only beautiful women in their twenties. Other places don’t seem to care who comes to work.

These massage parlors never offer more than a hand job with their authentic massage services. I have never seen or even heard of a Thai massage parlor that does full service. Sure there are plenty of brothel-style massage parlors in Thailand, but those aren’t the places under discussion here.

The prices of Thai massage parlors depend most of all on location. A massage with hand job can be as little as $15 in Thailand or as much as $100 in America. Some Thai places include the HJ with the normal price. Others ask for a tip to give a happy ending.

Japanese massage parlors only really exist inside of Japan. They are a national peculiarity that is nevertheless important to mention. In the land of the rising sun, these hand job shops are usually called “estute clubs,” “men’s estute” or “esthe.”

Japanese massage parlors focus entirely around the pleasure of their customers. They offer all sorts of special options ranging from hugging and cuddling to nipple twisting. The way things go depends on the lady and the customer, but they usually just have a lot of foreplay ending with an incredible happy ending using quality Japanese lube.

The prices at these estute clubs vary, but you can expect to pay around $250 for a one hour session with happy ending and some add-on options. Booking is done over the internet and you’re directed to an apartment with a single Japanese woman inside.

Finally you have the Russian massage parlors. These can be staffed by Russian women or others from the CIS states which formerly made up the USSR. Russian massage parlors can be found in America, China, and occasionally some other countries across Asia and Europe.

Russian massage parlors are like Korean massage parlors in some ways, though they are less service oriented. There also tend to be more expensive and try for additional upsells. Normal service in a Russian MP is a blowjob with a condom followed by full service. Some ladies will ask for more money to suck without a rubber. It’s purely business. There is no attempt at a girlfriend experience.

The main attraction at Russian massage parlors is the presence of beautiful Eastern European women. If you like tall blonde babes with big boobs then you probably won’t mind paying the going rate of $300 per session. Especially when you consider some of these women are model level ladies with incredible natural figures!

How do you tell the differences between these places? A lot is in the name. Some is in the looks. With experience, it becomes quite easy to tell different kinds of massage parlors apart.

Chinese massage parlors normally operate in regular business locations. They will have the word massage in the name and some basic signs. Prices will be around a dollar a minute. All the staff will be Chinese and wearing regular clothes.

Korean massage parlors often call themselves “spas” or “saunas.” They most often work out of discreet buildings with heavy locking doors. KMPs offer table showers. All the women are Korean and they wear sexy revealing clothes. Prices are around 200 dollars a session.

Thai massage parlors will often have words like “Thai” or “Siam” in their names. They usually work out of open mainstream looking places like malls and store fronts. They typically have lots of art and statues of lotuses and the Buddha around too. All the staff will be Thai, and they will offer “Thai massage” as a service.

Japanese massage parlors are found only in Japan. They advertise on the internet and have words like estute and esthe in their names.

Russian massage parlors often call themselves “Russia massage” or something similar. They will have tall white women from Eastern Europe with big full boobs. Prices are some of the most expensive of any massage parlors you will find.

In summary

This article should have answered all of your questions about massage parlors in the world. They say you cannot buy happiness. But pleasure can certainly be purchased in many of the massage parlors of the world!

There are a few key takeaways to remember when it comes to massage parlors. By keeping these tips in mind you can ensure that you have a quality experience at your local massage place.

  • Know what you’re getting into.
  • Choose the type of massage parlor you’re most interested in.
  • Read massage parlor reviews.
  • Find out the price in advance.
  • Protect your valuables.
  • Treat the masseuses with kindness and respect.
  • Relax and go with the flow.
  • Have fun!

By reading this article and studying up on the subject you can prepare yourself for a visit to a massage parlor. When you know what you are getting into, it makes everything go a lot smoother. Looking experienced also gets you more respect from the masseuses.

Make sure you visit a parlor that does what you are looking for. If you want a hand job from a Chinese woman, don’t go to a Russian massage parlor that does full intercourse!

Keep an eye on your things, let the masseuses lead the way, and remember that you are dealing with human beings. Being nice can go a long way in this day and age. Especially inside massage parlors.

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