1. If you are based in the USA, please abort and leave the site immediately, USA escorts are not allowed to advertise here.
  2. Individual: The cost for a listing is $50/first month (includes setup and SEO), then $25/month.
  3. Agency or Spa: The cost for a listing is $100/first month (includes setup and SEO), then $50/month
  4. No long term commitment. No contract. No credit card. Try for one month and then start/stop as you wish.  
  5. This includes a profile posting fee and SEO (search engine optimization) fee. We will create the listing for you and will optimize it for Google, making sure your listing has the best chance of pulling in Google organic traffic, in ADDITION to “already on site” visitors.
  6. Email us your profile title, content, images, Tel no. website, Twitter, and any other info. Include the city, country, and tell us which category/city you would like to be listed in.
  7. Minimum AGE is 21.  Tell us how old you are.
  8. Upon review of the info you provide, if your profile is accepted, we will contact you and ask for payment.
  9. Many profiles are NOT accepted. We are looking for classy profiles; sharp high definition images, and original, genuine, honest profiles. Any kind of dark image, blurry image, small image, very short profile, or just plain BS profile will be rejected.
  10. Your listing will appear in the featured slider at the top of the home page as well as at the top of the listings page and the relevant category/city.
  11. Our email is: moonw2572 at gmail dot com