Seeking Sex In A Western Maryland Massage Parlor? Everything You Need To Know!

The idea that massage parlors in Western Maryland actually offer sex or at least a hand job “happy ending” is totally ingrained in popular culture. Jokes in media like television programs and movies are even based around the idea of Western Maryland massage parlors offering men a lot more than just a massage. Yet in a lot of cases this is exactly what goes on.

That doesn’t mean that every massage parlor in Western Maryland doubles as a brothel however. There are plenty of legitimate massage centers that would freak out at even the suggestion of any sort of erotic touch. So how do you know if a massage parlor offers sex or not?

Western Maryland Massage parlors of some sort exist in nearly every part of the city. You find massage parlors in your neighborhood strip mall and in the downtown area.  You can also find these kinds of places out in the open in conservative areas of the greater Western Maryland area.

Different massage parlor types

Obviously massage parlors in Western Maryland are not all the same. You have different locations, business models, ownership structures and more. Once we realize this things become a lot easier to understand.

You wouldn’t expect to buy sex from a licensed massage therapist working at a corporate chain of massage parlors that mainly caters to middle ages women, right? At the same time, you wouldn’t be shocked to get a handy from a lady at an independently owned massage parlor in a big city like Western Maryland that is open until 4:00 in the morning.

There is also the issue of legality to take into consideration. Prostitution or “sex work” is legal in some parts of the world. In other places it is outlawed. Then you have all the nuances in between. In one jurisdiction a hand job may not even be considered sex of any sort. In another it may be legal to give a hand job with a paid massage, but not to offer actual sexual intercourse to a paying customer.

It helps to know where you are and what the laws are like in the greater Western Maryland area. Though you should also have at least a vague idea of how strictly they are enforced.

In a city like Western Maryland you might see an option for happy ending right on the menu at a massage parlor. In a suburb you would never see anything like that since the mere suggestion could be a violation of the law. But you’d better believe that plenty of massages in the greater Western Maryland area end with a hand job and more every single day of the year.

It’s where you’re at

The first step then must be to know what the scene is like where you are. It is totally legal for a lady working at a massage parlor in Western Maryland to give a customer a hand job for money. So you can easily search for hand job happy ending massage parlors in Western Maryland.

In Western Maryland it would be against the law for a masseuse to jack off a paying customer during a massage session. So even the ladies who do beat meat for money in Western Maryland would not openly advertise that service.

In a city like Western Maryland where things are more of a gray area it just depends where you look. Ladies working massage parlors in a known adult entertainment area like the downtown area will often come right out in the street trying to drag guys inside. Yet over in the suburbs ladies offering the same kinds of services are more likely to wait behind closed doors at known erotic massage parlors.

You should also be aware of the wild cards. Not everyone plays by the same rules. There are stories of legitimate masseuses breaking character and offering happy endings or more to clients in the heat of the moment. Guys have even had tug jobs and even full service at above board massage parlors in shopping malls and airports! It doesn’t happen all the time. It doesn’t happen most of the time. But it can and does happen sometimes.

Finding a sex massage in Western Maryland

If you find yourself in a place where the authorities are sensible enough to allow people to purchase the basic act of a hand job or even full on sex, then you don’t have much of a struggle. In those enlightened parts of the world, providers are free to announce the availability of sensual services they offer in public.

In the more repressive places things are often done with a wink and a nod. There are certain attributes shared by many happy ending massage parlors where the act of a paid wank can land a person in the clink. They are not surefire indicators of a place that does happy endings, but knowing what to look for can at least point you in the right direction.

First we can talk about the hours. Few licensed massage therapists are going to be giving legitimate back rubs at 2 o’clock in the morning on a Tuesday. So when you see a massage parlor in Western Maryland that is open until the early hours of the morning, or even 24 hours, then you might wonder why.

The general look and location of the place can be an indicator too. A place located in a generally barren part of the city might not necessarily be a day spa for pampered grandmothers. The same can often be said of massage parlors that are located inside of block buildings without windows.

Just using some common sense can go along way. Ask yourself this. Do you think a middle aged woman looking for a legitimate massage would go to a place where she has to be buzzed through a locked metal door?

Signs of sex inside massage parlors in Western Maryland

Similarly, there are some signs that can be seen inside a massage parlor that would suggest more than just a standard shoulder rub is on offer.

One such sign is the clothes the masseuses wear. If a place is staffed by ladies in lingerie there is a good chance that the touching and feeling is going to go below the belt. Again, it’s not necessarily a guarantee. Nothing in life is! Still, this is a good sign that you’re in an erotic spa.

Another sign can be the looks of the ladies themselves. Let’s say you’re in an area with little to no Asian population. You pop in to a massage parlor and find a team of Asian women with big surgically enhanced breasts. It shouldn’t be difficult to realize that you may have just walked into a happy ending hideaway.

The truth is that happy ending massage is more common in most Asian cultures than it is in the west. For some the simple act of masturbating a male customer in the process of giving a massage is second nature. It is considered a way of balancing the customer’s energy and stress levels.

Of course that is not to trivialize Asian culture or people. There are plenty of legitimate Asian massage experts in Asia and Western Maryland. But there’s no point in denying that there are lots of happy ending and sex massage shops staffed by Asian women around the greater Western Maryland area. It is just a plain fact.

Hints of happy endings

Once you enter a massage room you might get more hints that extras are available. One such hint is the offer of a “soft” massage. This soft touch massage entails a light running of the finger tips all over your body. As you might guess, it can be quite stimulating. It is often meant as a quick precursor to get your wiener stiff and at attention. This allows the masseuse to easily transition into an offer of a hand job to take care of your throbbing member.

Another sign that extras may be available is when a masseuse asks you to fully disrobe for a massage. This is definitely not a guarantee though. Many totally legitimate massage therapists will also ask you to take off all your clothes for something like an oil massage. They don’t want to ruin your clothes by covering them with oil.

However if you are fully nude and the masseuse removes your towel and starts rubbing on your ball sack, then there is a pretty good chance she will at least offer to masturbate your manhood towards the end of your appointment.

Again, this is not necessarily a guarantee. Some women are tricksters who will “accidentally” bump up against your precious bits in order to keep you interested and aroused. Then they will tell you “times up” and offer you to extend your session for another 30 minutes. You might agree, thinking the happy ending is coming. It isn’t.

In all cases it is best to let a masseuse offer you extras on her own. You don’t want to get into trouble. You especially don’t want to force something upon a person who has no interest. If a hand job or sex is available there is a very good chance you will find out sooner than later. Unless of course you look like an undercover agent or otherwise put off bad vibes.

Sex and hand jobs in Western Maryland massage parlors

Finally we can talk about the differences between massage parlors that do happy endings and those that offer full service sex. The signs are not always obvious, even in places where some massage parlors more or less double as brothels.

Of course a place that says “full service” or “happy ending” right up front is easy to figure out. Yet there are many places where the only sign of any hanky panky going on is a discreet look or tickle here or there.

Prices and atmosphere are oftentimes the best indicators of what is available in those facilities. Full service is always going to be more expensive than a plain old hand job.

The rooms can give a good indication of this sort of thing too. Full service is a lot more common in private room with a locking door than it is in a semi-public cubicle with just a curtain over the door. Places with sturdy locking security doors are a lot more likely to offer full intercourse than mall massage parlors with open fronts.

Ultimately the only way to really know if a massage parlor in Western Maryland offers sex is experience. At some point someone has to walk in and “take one for the team” to find out what exactly is available. Especially in cities like Western Maryland where parlors are not free to simply advertise their services to the world. Word of mouth and first hand experience goes a long way in this, as it does with much else in life.

The city of Western Maryland currently has 2398 sex massage parlors licensed by the city to perform adult massages.  These massage parlors employ an estimated 2631 sexy female masseuses.  These erotic massage attendants are mainly Asian: Chinese, Korean, Filipina, Thai, Vietnamese & Japanese.

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