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Recently, a Toronto based independent female companion twitted “don’t judge women that have sex for money. You are having sex for good morning texts and lies”. Needless to say, this tweet went viral, and recieved huge support from the adult service providers’ community.

Women trading sex for goods and services is not something new. When sex is traded for a brief sexual encounter, it is called prostitution. When sex is traded on the basis of a long term commitment it is called…marriage. When sex as well as companionship are traded for a short time, it is called…escorting.

Women are perfectly aware of the power sex gives them over men, and use it to the best of their advantage. Some use it for simple daily stuff like getting a free dinner with wine, and others want more…the one’s that want a lot more, without any commitment, are called…sugar babies.

Most countries see prostitution as a woman’s right to do what she wants with her body, and most governments do not give prostitution the time of day, with the exception of under aged girls and trafficked girls.

True, some girls are underage in the sex trade, and some are forced into prostitution against their will. But…they are a very small percentage of the sex trade. I would go as far as saying a tiny percentage.

Criminalizing prostitution in order to protect this small group is akin to banning driving, because some drivers will drive under the influence. You cannot prohibit all of society from driving because a handful of people drive drunk, similarly, you cannot stop millions of women worldwide from turning their sexuality into a business because some women are forced into prostitution.

Lets be clear; escorts and courtesans like sex. They enjoy it. A woman could never decide to have sex for money if she did not enjoy sex in the first place. Most female escorts and call girls in fact consider themselves very smart, for choosing to have sex for money, as compared to most other women, that choose to give sex a way for free.

People that are not familiar with the sex trade, and learn about it from the media, believe that women are being victimized, but courtesans and escorts see things very differently: they treat men, and think of men, as…the victims.

Years ago a friend asked me: Do men fuck the pussy, or is it actually the pussy that is fucking the men…? Well, it took me years to see the wisdom in this question, but when it comes to adult service providers, female escorts and call girls, there can be no doubt who is fucking who.

It is worthwhile noting that courtesans and escorts provide a lot more than just sex; men get hugs, cuddles, companionship and understanding, which are priceless to the man who otherwise does not have the above.

Lets take a quick look at the economic impact the business of escorting has on economies worldwide; Millions of courtesans are buying expensive cloths, shoes, coats, hats, smart phones, perfumes, lingerie and sex toys. They rent upscale apartments in all major cities in the world so they can host, and use taxis and Uber extensively to get to their clients. It is safe to say that the adult industry generates billions of dollars for the global economy.

Successful career escorts are very clever business women, that posses many skills that would probably make them successful in any other business as well. Call girls and courtesans must poses good marketing skills to build and promote their brand, and need to have excellent communication skills to deal with their customers. Most independent escorts consider themselves businesswomen, and rightly so.

Escorts are masters of their own schedule. They wake up and get out of bed when they feel like it, and they work when they feel like it. The successful escort can easily afford to work only on the days and at the times she chooses, and of course she does not have to meet every man, she is perfectly free to choose who she wants to spend time with.

For many escorts, offering companionship is a learning experience. Female companionship is not cheap, and the men that can afford the high prices of upscale courtesans are usually wealthy people, that have in addition to money, a rich life experience and wisdom to go with it. It is hard to blame a woman for enjoying herself in every possible way; the thought of getting paid for her time and companionship in itself is very exciting, but in addition she spends time with a man who is wealthy, wise, intelligent and supportive, the benefits are endless. And the real high end courtesans and escorts get to mingle with the elite of society, eat the best food, drive in luxury cars and enjoy fantasy travel.

What do you think? Who is benefiting more from the adult industry…men or women? Is it a win win situation? Please share your thoughts and contribute to this escort blog by adding your comments below.