Here I explain clearly in no uncertain terms, the EXACT difference between various types of sex workers in Carbondale.

Prostitution in Carbondale has been around since the beginning of time, and everyone knows what a Carbondale prostitute is, so there is no need to elaborate.

Carbondale Escorts are prostitutes PLUS. They provide the same services prostitutes provide, but they have class, personality and brains. Escorts in Carbondale provide a very important service being; companionship. Lonely men in Carbondale are seeking friendship, human contact, someone to talk to and the companionship provided by female escorts is often a lot more valuable to a lonely man than sex.

Carbondale Escorts are usually very sharp, with an outstanding ability to market themselves online, and promote their brand. They do it by providing sensual and provocative images, together with a few words oozing sexuality that will turn on any man instantly.

The word “escort” is interchangeable with female companion, call girl and courtesan.

Carbondale Sugar Babies are escorts PLUS. They provide the same services escorts provide with a twist; They usually seek a long term relationship as opposed to just one or several encounters. Sugar babies in Carbondale are the most desirable kind of women; extremely beautiful, tons of personality and a really good brain.

Carbondale Sugar babies will usually seek a relationship with rich guys called sugar daddies; they will make a wealthy guy the happiest man in the world, but it will cost him a lot. Gifts, cars, homes, travel; Carbondale is full of rich men that are loaded with money and are very willing to spend it on these highly desirable sugar babies, that provide all the physical, mental and emotional comfort a man in Carbondale can ever need.

In China, sugar babies are called….wife no.2.