We are currently getting 150,000 unique visitors a month, about 95% is Google organic.

Our visitors are coming mainly from USA, Canada, UK & Australia


Listing Your Profile: 

  1. Individual: FEATURED  listing is $50/month.
  2. Agency or Spa: FEATURED listing is $100/month
  3. No long term commitment. No contract. No credit card. Try for one month and then start/stop as you wish.  

Listing in our hot links directory: A short listing with an outgoing link, $200/year.

Site-wide link from the main navigation menu: $300/month (this link shows on about 500,000 pages).

Best Option: 468 x 60 banner at the top inside the header. Very powerful. This banner will be on the top of every page, about 500,000 pages, and on mobile as well, it will be right at the top.  $500/month, but right now it is on special promotion @$300/month. 



Site-wide huge 300 x 250 banner in the sidebar: very powerful and highly visible banner appearing on about 500,000 pages. Excellent choice, but not quiet as good as the header banner, as on mobile, the right sidebar appears below the page content. $200/month



Site-wide 468 x 60 banner in the sidebar, home page and banners page (package deal): $150/month



Site-wide 728 x 90 banner in the footer: Believe it or not, the footer is a great place to advertise.  The visitor will usually rush down the page, very fast, and will keep scrolling down until…the page ends! Once the visitor arrives at the footer, he is stuck, and then he will stop and take a good long look at the footer! $200/month. Your banner will be seen on about 500,000 pages.



More options: moonw2572 at gmail dot com