Featured Ads: Featured ads appear in the home page featured ads slider, as well as on the TOP of the category pages. $50/month. Max exposure; we list your featured ad in several different categories and cities.

If you are advertising a massage spa, your featured ad will appear in the Massage Slider at the very top of the home page in addition to the featured slider. One payment, double the benefit.

Listing in our hot links directory: A short listing with an outgoing link, $200/year.

Header Banner 468×60: $300/month. This banner appears on every page in the site, about 500,000 pages.

Sitewide link from the top bar navigation menu: $300/month (this link shows on about 500,000 pages).

A 468×60 banner on our banners page: $200/year

Sitewide 468×60 banner in the sidebar as well as inside each classified ad, about 80,000 ads: $100/month

Top of Home page 468×60 banner: $100/month